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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mock Homefries

One of my favourite things I remember my dad making when I was a kid is homefries. It’s such an amazing comfort food. I love them when they’re cooked down and browned. When doing low carb potatoes are one of the big no-no’s, which leaves homefries off the menu. However, the other day I read an article from a woman who said she had made some out of radishes. Now, I’m gonna be honest. I tried a bit of a radish once at my Grandma’s and hated it. I’ve never had it since! After reading the article though, I kept pondering whether it was possible that such a gross (in my opinio anyways) little vegetable could taste nearly as good as potatoes if cooked the right way. What better way to find out than to try I figured!

I ran to Walmart and picked up a 16 oz bag of radishes. It was nice because they were pre-cut. Anything to make it easier, lol!IMG_0500

After rinsing them all I started to slice them fairly thin. After the fact I realized I could have used my food processor to slice them all uniformly, which is what I would suggest if you have access to a food processor. However, I spent ages slicing them…I’m no chef, lol! In the pan I put about a tablespoon of smart balance margarine and about a teaspoon of olive oil to heat up. Meanwhile I chopped up one onion into fairly big chunks. I figured if I hated the radishes, at least I could pick out and eat the fried onions (ever the optimist). 

I threw the onions in first to get a little soft, but I’m not sure if doing that was really necessary. It’s just what the chefs on cooking shows always do, so I followed suit :-)  After a minute or two I threw the radishes in. I should mention I did not peel the radishes. I don’t even know if those little things peel, but I wasn’t about to sit and do it even if they did! I threw in some garlic powder, Spanish paprika, salt and pepper and let them cook.

As I said before, I like my homefries nice and brown and really cooked down, so I did the same with the radish homefries, or tried to. They don’t brown down exactly the same as potatoes. All in all I’d say I cooked them about 20 minutes or so over medium-high heat. If you like your homefries a little less done I would say it would only take about 15 minutes or so.

Radishes 1

Radishes 2

These were taken at about 15 minutes or so into cooking them. You can see they’re not quite browning like I would have liked so I kept on cooking them.

Radishes 3

All plated up and ready to eat with some peameal bacon for good measure!

It turns out they were pretty tasty. The spiciness that I remember from them the time I had eaten them raw was no longer there. The texture was very similar to a potato. I ate the whole plate of them and there was only one or two bites that I thought, “oh, yeah, these are radishes, not potatoes”. I would definitely make them again if I was craving homefries, but probably won’t be having them on a regular basis. They were a little too time consuming in relation to what the finished product was. Though, to be fair, had I used the food processor for the slicing my time would have been greatly reduced.

My final verdict is, they’re definitely worth making if your really feening for  homefries. They’re also a great way to get in a whole pile of veggies first thing in the morning, which is a definite plus! Apparently somewhere out there is a recipe for homefries using jicama, so I’ll try that one at some point and make a decision as to which is better then.


Arelel Designs said...

Those fried radishes actually look delicious....we bought some radishes to give it a try.

Megan said...

Let me know what you think of them! I think the key to them is having the onion in with it. It helps re-create the taste of the homefries. The radishes are more for least that's what I think :-)